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Honda Bar

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non solo caffè

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Honda Bar

Written by admin,
Friday, July 1, 2011 3:20:28 PM

Honda Bar - Non solo Caffè is born from the original combination between the typical Italian business flair and the brand of the famous Japanese motorcycle.

At the entrance, the Honda wing will introduce you into a modern and elegant setting, on two levels, whose furniture reproduces the characteristic colors of the brand: bright red, white and black.

Not just a bar, but a show room where gadgets and motorcycle clothing are exposed - all designed by Honda, of course -; a wide window allows you to admire the latest models of motorcycles on display in the adjacent dealer, while, on the bar, four maxi screens are tuned on major sporting events and the latest performance of the two-wheelers on the track and race.

Not just bar, then, and not just coffee, but also champagne, fruit, soft drink, pre and after dibber, live music and private parties. The Honda brand, with its distinctive wing, is also present in some menu items, bringing to mind well known models of the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer.

Finally, not just bikers, but anyone, lover of beauty and good taste, is looking for a really exclusive place for spending a special evening, sipping a cocktail or a prosecco wine.

Honda Bar - Non solo Caffè: Italian passion and hospitality, Japanese quality and reliability!

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